Friday 21 April 2017

There is more than one way to skin a Tiger

Further Victory Conditions to add to your Chain of Command - DMZ Scenarios

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The original NAM supplement has been focused on the conventional firefight aspect of the War. I had envisaged most of the Political style Victory conditions being incorporated into a campaign element. One thing I am always mindful of is that the Vietnam War featured a great deal of conventional firefights and wasn't just about finding rice caches. I am forever mindful though that a lot of players do enjoy the multiple victory paths that can be produced for games in this period.

Based on discussions I have had with Anibal Invictus and his superb recent play testing games
I have decided to add further rules to cover "Political Victory" style outcomes in Chain of Command - DMZ Scenarios.

When considering any rules additions to the NAM supplement I always work under the following guidelines:
  • Where possible the rules should utilise existing Chain of Command rules mechanisms.
  • They need to be as simple as possible in achieving the desired outcome.

The additional rules are as follows.

Secondary Victory Conditions
Free World Forces
Free World Forces may achieve an alternative Victory at the end of any phase/turn in which they currently have control of or have captured a total of at least 2 enemy Jump off Points and their current morale level is 4+.
They can also win scenarios under normal victory conditions.

NVA and VC Forces may achieve an alternative Victory by reducing a Free World Forces Morale to 3 or Less and withdrawing all on table units from the table whilst their final morale remains above 0.
They can also win scenarios under normal victory conditions.

Withdrawing from the Table
In order to retire from the field a NVA/VC unit may leave via a friendly jump off point or any table edge provided no enemy units are within 12 inches and line of sight to the unit at the start of it's move.
Each unit leaving the game this way via a JOP or table edge will not return and will roll with the risk of dispersing on a 5+ if from a friendly JOP or 4+ if from any table edge.
If a unit disperses a roll is made against section wiped out on the morale table and immediately effects the players morale.
Snipers and immobile teams may withdraw from where they are deployed with the risk of dispersing on a 5+ if there is no enemy within 12 inches and line of sight or 4+ if there is enemy within 12 inches and line of sight.

NB: Victory can be achieved by a force via either method.  I do not place a differing scoring system to either victory type.

These rules can be used in conjunction with the Victory Conditions for Scenarios in the main Chain of Command rules offering alternatives to player victory as well as for a conversion method for Lardies excellent "Surfs Up" Charlie don't Surf supplement.

Secondary Victory Conditions design philosophy
Free World Forces
The Free World Forces Victory conditions allow for an aggressive player to press the opposition Jump Off Points with the risk however of becoming preoccupied with holding them down and becoming isolated.

These victory conditions are designed to reflect NVA/VC hit and run tactics that were employed at times.  This allows the NVA/VC player the opportunity to hit a Free World Force hard, inflicting casualties then Melt away from the conflict.  Advantages are given to the player exiting the table via Jump off Points rather then table edges. The dispersing rule is in place to balance this victory condition forcing the NVA/VC player to have their own Morale remaining or risk a Morale break and loss themselves.  The dispersal rule also reflects units scattering and forces being caught or lost.

NVA/VC Jump Off Points can be used to represent anything from Rice/Weapons caches, tunnel entrances areas of operations etc in line with a lot of the "Surfs Up" objectives.

Converting Surfs Up and other Charlie Don't Surf Scenarios to Chain of Command - DMZ
I will use the first Scenario from Surfs Up "The Great Rice Hunt" to give you an example of how these scenarios can be converted to CoC-DMZ.

The first thing to do is consider the Primary Objectives for each side in the scenario and determine which Scenario from the Main Chain of Command Rules this represents.

The Great Rice Hunt
US - Primary Objective: Secure the hamlet and destroy any Viet Cong forces found.
VC - Primary Objective: Maintain the food caches in the hamlet.

These Objectives best suit SCENARIO SIX: ATTACK ON AN OBJECTIVE.

Now apply the Secondary Victory Conditions from Chain of Command - DMZ based on the Secondary Objectives from Surfs Up.

US - Secondary Objective: Identify enemy rice caches and secure them ready for collection.
VC - Secondary Objective: Inflict 30% casualties on the enemy force.

Terrain is per the Scenario Diagram from Surfs Up.

This produces the following Victory Conditions:
US can win by Capturing the Main VC Jump Off Point in the Village (Securing the Hamlet) or Controlling/Capturing 2 enemy Jump Off Points with Morale of at least 4+ at the end of their phase/turn. (Capturing rice caches)

The VC can win by holding the Village Hamlet Jump Off Point and Breaking the Free World Force (Maintaing the Food Cache in the Hamlet) or reducing the Free World Force Morale to 3 or less and withdrawing all on table forces from the table (Inflicting casualties on the enemy and withdrawing).

Hopefully this adds another element to your Chain of Command gaming experiences and adds life to your Charlie Don't Surf Scenarios.

Once again any further suggestions or feedback are always welcomed.


  1. This looks promising indeed
    We'll start testing again in a couple of weeks

  2. Nice work Jason I wish I was retired so I could have more time to venture into this period.