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Que Sera Sera

A Chain Of Command - DMZ After Action Report

The following is an After Action Report from a game played on 18 July 2017.

This post has been named after a song by Lance-Corporal Norman Rowe Royal Australian Armoured Corps 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Normie Rowe Que Sera Sera

ANZACs vs Main Force VC  (1966)
Secure the Village.
Scenario 6 - Attack on an Objective.
Players could win via the scenarios main objectives or via the alternate objectives.

This game was based on 'The Great Rice Hunt" scenario from Too Fat Lardies Charlie Don't Surf.
The scenario is a village sweep action and uses the additional objectives listed in the
There is more than one way to skin a Tiger article I wrote earlier.  I feel that adding these additional objectives to your NAM games adds another level.

"The Great Rice Hunt" was used  as the basis for the terrain in the game.

The river was left off of the table however the Rice Paddies were treated as flooded.
The majority of the table was knee height grass with this being treated as light cover when stationary but open when engaged whilst moving.
The wooded areas were treated as 'Primary Jungle' with a variable line of sight of d6 + 6 inches and heavy cover.
No vehicle movement was permitted in the Wooded areas unless via a road or through the Rice Paddies.
Rice Paddy bunds were treated as heavy cover.
The small clump of trees  in the middle of the table near the village was impassable and block line of sight.
Buildings were light cover but would be destroyed if hit by HE.

A view of the table below.

All is quiet in the village.

The Forces
ANZACs (1966)
Morale - 10
5pts of support.

Support taken - M113 0.50cal Mounted with Jnr Leader.

Main Force VC (1966)
Morale - 9
3pts of support

Support taken - Barbed Wire, Local Knowledge.

The Patrol Phase

 The ANZACs (blue markers) started the Patrol phase rolling for two free moves.  There aim was to push as far forward as possible to restrict the area the VC could use for deployment in order to reduce the chances of being isolated and ambushed.

The VC (red markers) had control of the village and would attempt to outflank and isolate the ANZACs through the use of Local Knowledge.

Deploying Jump off Points (JOP)
The ANZAC jump off points (coloured smoke) lined the Jungle near their side of the table.  As the M113 would need to deploy near a road a safe option was taken with the jump off points being placed at the edge of the Jungle.

The VC jump of points (tunnel entrances) were spread across the table with the main jump off point (red counter) being in the village.

View of both sides jump off points.

The VC place their barbed wire and use Local Knowledge to move their jump off point forward to pressure the ANZAC right flank.

First Turn
The ANZACs have the first phase and roll 6,5,5,4,2.  They decide to follow the words of a wise man.

Next phase went to the VC.  They roll 2 sixes for another phase and decide on a bold move to bait the ANZACs by deploying a squad on their left flank on overwatch against the Paddy Bund (hard cover).

This move as early as it is turns out to be a game changer.  The Next phase the ANZACs manage a great roll of 3,3,3,2,1 and use the dice to deploy all three sections and the APC unloading everything they have on the VC squad.

The VC squad under fire waits patiently for the APC to arrive before deciding to fire back on over watch.

"Sloppy Joes" appearance brings the VC to life and the RPG on overwatch takes aim and fires at the M113 wildly missing the target.

Next Phase is the VC.  They rally shock attempting to fire again at the APC next phase.  (In the Cold War Supplement units stay on over watch until ordered differently or the end of the turn.  They may not shoot in their phase if they shot on over watch).  Knowing they won't be able to shoot in their phase they wait in hope that they will still be around to end the M113.

The gamble fails and all the ANZAC units open up again on the VC causing more casualties and shock.  The VC low on numbers and high on shock attempt to move into the cover of the jungle to avoid becoming pinned.  They roll low and just make it into the edge of the jungle but still in line of sight.

The ANZACs unload again this time with only 2 sections as the VC have managed to break line of sight to the third.  This is enough to kill the squad leader and suppress the VC squad causing several morale tests.

The VC looking to exact revenge deploy a detached RPG team via ambush (using a Chain of Command Dice) and fire at the APC killing the driver and placing 2 shock on the vehicle.  (As strange as it sounds this was very lucky for the ANZACs as they made 2 saves from 2 dice reducing the net hits to 2 avoiding completely blowing up).  Without it's driver it must spend 2 activated phases before it may move.  It is in a serious predicament.

The ANZACs retaliate finishing off the VC squad at the edge of the Jungle causing another Morale test.

The VC deploy the detached RPG team onto the table looking to finish the ANZAC APC.

There second shot is again on target and finishes the M113 once and for all.  The ANZACs take a 5pt morale hit as "Sloppy Joe" blows up in huge explosion that causes casualties on the nearby section.

The ANZACs look to move up towards the village.  They place the centre and right flank sections on over watch and move towards the rise on their left flank.

This forces the VC into action who deploy a squad on their right on over watch anticipating the ANZACs sending a unit to engage the threat.

The ANZACs continue up the ridge on their left and begin to advance their unit in the centre towards the village.

This proves too much of a target for the final VC squad who deploy in the jungle to the rear of the village and open fire on the ANZACs.  Little damage is done and the ANZACs return fire from their right flank from the unit on over watch killing the VC squad leader.  This reduces the VC morale.

The ANZAC section in the centre halt their advance and fire on the VC inflicting more casualties.

The VC deploy their Senior Leader to spark the VC squad in the jungle to the rear into action.  He rallies shock and orders the VC to fire again on the ANZACs on the centre causing a casualty and shock.
The ANZAC section of the right fires from overwatch wounding the VC Senior Leader reducing  the VC morale to below 3.

With the VC squad in the jungle shattered, morale below 3 and a squad isolated and flanked near the  rice paddy the VC player calls it quits.  In the spirit of the game we allow the VC to attempt to withdraw to fight another day.  Both VC units pass their rolls, avoiding dispersing and slip away into their tunnels.

The ANZACs secure the village and victory.

I hope you all enjoyed the report and happy to answer any questions.

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