Saturday 4 March 2017

Letters From Vietnam

I have finally gotten around to bringing together all the Chain of Command - DMZ rule changes into one document.


Click on the attached link to download the PDF from dropbox.

Chain of Command - DMZ

I hope you enjoy.

UPDATE 2/4/17
I would suggest the following change to the close combat results for anyone using this supplement with the main Chain of Command rules.

"Treat any close combat roll of 5 as a point of shock instead of a casualty and any roll of a 6 as a casualty and a point of shock."

Additional Objectives for games can be found here.

UPDATE 22/7/17
Courtesy of Michael Moore

U.S Army list 7
Remove M67 flame tank as this was a USMC specific vehicle. 

Replace with M132 Zippo M113 family.
Armor 2 - Flame, Fast.

UPDATE 9/1/18
We had discussions in regards to the Army List support option of a Chain of Command Dice.  This was originally included mainly to allow ambushing options.  Given it's potential to affect other aspects of the game we have decided to replace the CoC Dice support option as follows.  I think this should make for a better gaming experience.

Pre-Planned Ambush
Replace the CoC Dice(1) support option in any army lists with Pre-Planned Ambush(1).

Pre-Planned Ambush
A player may choose this support option to perform a pre-planned ambush. A pre-planned ambush
differs from a normal Ambush.

A Pre-Planned Ambush allows a single, as yet undeployed infantry team OR SQUAD/SECTION to be placed anywhere within 12” of a friendly Jump‐Off Point and further than 6” from any enemy

The unit may then fire immediately without further activation. An ambush conducted like this
represents a pre-planned ambush site.

The unit will make their attack and then must be kept on the table in the ambush position at
the end of the phase.

If the player’s opponent has troops on Overwatch covering the area from which the pre-planned
ambush is made, they may fire after the ambushing unit has fired.


  1. Thanks. Appreciate the hard work and the share.

  2. These look fantastic - great work.
    I haven't even played CoC yet, but the Vietnam version might speed that up.

  3. Thank You for sharing Your work.

  4. thanks looks good on first glance

  5. This is great work ! I really like what you have done here. Can't wait to mess this around on the table. Excellent !

  6. Thankyou for all the kind words gents. If anyone gives them a go please let me know if you have any questions or feedback as I am always happy to hear.

  7. Great. Can you explain better the weapons? What is the diference beetween m14, m16 or slr rifle?

  8. Great. Can you explain better the weapons? What is the diference beetween m14, m16 or slr rifle?

  9. If you are using the main Chain of Command rules then M14 and SLR are treated as semi automatic rifles and for M16 use the assault rifle rules from the supplement.

  10. This is most generous of you, sharing all your impressive work and now compiling it in one document. I became interested in the Vietnam War when TFL released Charlie Don't Surf but since then, interest diminished as my gaming group shifted focus to IIWW with CoC. I will be leading the Vietnama gaming renaissance in my club using your rules. Again, thanks very much for all the effort

  11. No worries at all. Let me know how it goes. Any questions feel free to ask.

  12. Nice work Jason, I will have to consider some new Vietnam figures as all my old stuff is still packed away in Canberra

  13. Very cool! Was waiting for Fighting Season to come out to try and adapt for Soviet Afghan War but this might be a good starting point in the mean time.

  14. Hi I finally could test the rules. Very fun game and quite difficut for the FWF (i.e. me...) I left a detailed comment and batrep in my blog

  15. Superb stuff Anibal. I have left a few comments on your page. PM me on

  16. Hi AronBC.  

    It should still be working.  

    I have checked it.  Link is here

    Let me know if it doesnt work for you.

  17. That link worked, thank you for the contribution to our hobby.

  18. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing Jason