Wednesday 17 August 2016

Jungle Boogie - Chain of Command NAM AAR

The Patrol
I Corps Tactical Zone
October 1968

U.S.M.C vs NVA

US forces are to sweep the area and engage any enemy encountered.

Game Details
USMC Force
1968 option less 3 fire teams
Force Rating:  +6
Support: +2
Support Taken: 1 Fire team
Force Morale: 8

NVA Force
1968 Option
Force Rating: +4
Support: +4
Support Taken: Local Knowledge, CoC Dice
Force Morale: 8

To win a victory, one side must force his opponent to withdraw from the table, either voluntarily or due to a reduction in his Force Morale, whilst keeping his own Force Morale at 3 or greater. If neither side achieves this, both will withdraw.

NB: All picture descriptions will appear below photos.

Table Layout

The majority of the table was classed as Primary Jungle ( with the top  right and bottom left corners graded as waist high grass offering light cover with no effect on movement.  Troops who were moving on tracks would be considered in the open however troops running across a track would be considered as in heavy cover but with line of sight treated as in the open for any troops who interrupted or fired from overwatch.

Alternative view of table from the NVA left flank.

Patrol Phase

USMC patrol markers in blue.  NVA in red. US pushed patrol markers aggressively on their left flank while the NVA pushed down their left also knowing they had the local knowledge support option allowing a final Jump Off Point (JOP) to be moved up to 18 inches as long as it ended further than 12 inches from an enemy JOP.

Close view of patrol markers.

Deployment of Jump off Points

US JOP markers indicated by (from right to left) red, yellow and purple smoke.

NVA JOP markers the hard to spot tunnel entrances (with white numbers on top).

Alternate view of JOPs.  At the end of the placement of JOPs the NVA player chose to use local knowledge to move his JOP at top right of screen towards the US red smoke marker.

Phase One NVA

NVA start with first phase and deploy a squad on overwatch from the JOP nearest to the US red smoke deployment attempting to cut off the US right flank.

Phase Two USMC

The US get the next two phases and deploy a squad with attached M60 from the purple smoke marker.

Gaining the next two phases in a row they decide to aggressively attack the NVA right flank and push quickly towards the furthest right NVA JOP.

Top view of battlefield showing initial troop deployments and movement.

NVA Phase

Second NVA squad deploys before their JOP is overrun.

Firing on the US squad and inflicting some shock.  The heavy cover of the Jungle helping to reduce casualties.

The NVA first squad pushes forward to overrun the US right flank JOP.

US Phase/NVA Phase

The US deploy their second squad on the top left of screen then the US first squad trades fire with NVA squad that fired on them.  Finally the third NVA squad launches an assault against this US squad  which is unpinned with only minimal shock.  The US soundly rout the NVA squad luckily suffering no casualties and some shock themselves.  This proves to be a major turning point in the battle leaving the NVA outnumbered and outgunned.

US Phase

Seizing the numbers advantage the US place their first squad on overwatch and move their second squad up to a flanking position of the NVA squads left.

Close up of the action.

Rear view of the US push.

The US gain another phase and deploy their final squad forming a sweeping line and aggressively pursuing the NVA forces who are now on the back foot and in their phase commence withdrawing back towards their first squad.

Close up of NVA first squad who have overrun the US right flank JOP.

Full view of the Battlefield.

NVA Phase

NVA player has 2 phases.  Ends turn after first phase causing morale checks for the US and themselves for lost JOPS then uses the second phase to deploy Platoon leader. Places second squad on overwatch and moves first squad into line in cover near the track running through the jungle opposite the approaching US squad.

View from NVA second squad.

Aerial view of battlefield.

US Phase

US line pushes forward causing more casualties on the NVA left flank.

NVA Phase

With the NVA morale now down to 3 the NVA platoon leader orders a Human Wave assault with the remaining NVA squads on the US right hand flank.  This causes casualties on the US squad and some of the leaders resulting in a drop in US morale to 4.  However the final assault causes both NVA units to flee, severely reducing their numbers and with casualties to their leaders the NVA moral drops to zero.

Final Result
US Victory.

The NVA had set out to be aggressive with the use of Local Knowledge and pressed early.  The US JOP on the NVA right flank proved vital and with 2 early consecutive phases and another 2 consecutive phases at other key stages in the game the NVA were placed on the back foot.  To the US credit however they seized their opportunities through aggressiveness which paid dividends.

Another key turning point was the early assault from the NVA on an unpinned unit with minimal shock.  Automatic weapons are lethal in defense against assaults.

As for terrain the table was covered largely in Primary jungle reducing line of sight and not allowing troops to run with 3 dice.  What is does produce is close quarters fighting but also forces a player to be careful to not stumble on an unpinned enemy.  My personal thoughts were they worked very well producing a new set of tactical decisions but at the same time not bogging down the game.

All in all it was an enjoyable spectacle.

I'll leave it to the players involved to comment further on their thoughts.


  1. Cheers Jason,

    As a none CoC player, other than the basic rules set what else is needed add on wise to play Vietnam ?

    Regards Ken

  2. There is a Cold War supplement to the main rules which is currently being playtested to enhance the gaming which includes changes to the amount of dice thrown and results of shooting and morale however if you check out the rest of this site for the army lists, terrain rules and suggested changes to Assault rifles you should be fine to use the Chain of Command rules with those changes to currently play Vietnam. I'll post up Army lists for US Army, Main Force VC and ANZACs in the not too distant future.

  3. Cheers Jason, thanks for the pointers, I will keep an eye out for your Army

    Regards Ken