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God Help Me, I was Only 19

ANZAC force for Chain of Command NAM

III Corps
III Corps was the third allied combat tactical zone in South Vietnam. During the 1960s and early 1970s, the country was divided into four major administrative and military regions, and III Corps extended from the northern Mekong Delta to the southern Central Highlands. It was also known as Military Region 3 (MR 3). III Corps had its headquarters in Saigon, and consisted of the following provinces: Tay Ninh, Binh Long, Phuoc Long, Phuoc Tuy, Long An, Binh Duong, Long Khanh, Binh Tuy, Gia Dinh, Hau Nghia, and Bien Hoa. The 18th and 25th Divisions of ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) played prominent roles in the military defense of III Corps, as did the 2nd Armored Cavalry the 81st Airborne Rangers and the 1 Australian Task Force.


ANZAC Patrols
Patrolling was the cornerstone of 1 Australian Task Force’s (1ATF’s) operations in Phuoc Tuy Province. Rather than wait behind the wire for the Viet Cong to launch attacks on the Task Force base, the Australians sought to control the area around Nui Dat, denying the Viet Cong any element of surprise and making it difficult for them to move undetected.


ANZAC Rifle Platoon

Team Leaders
Team Leaders command a specific team whether that be a fire team or a support weapons team. They may also be a vehicle commander.
These are present to represent forces with strong JNCO leadership, giving them more flexibility in using the command dice they have.

  • Team Leaders are activated on a 2.
  • They have 1 initiative point. 
  • A team leader can only influence his own team and he must be within unit integrity of them. 
  • They only test for leader casualty if their own team suffers a casualty. 
  • If their team suffers as many casualties as men in the unit then they are automatically hit. 
  • Team leaders that are hit are immediately killed (they do not roll on the leader casualty result).  
  • A team leader killed causes a roll on the Bad Think Happens table under Junior Leader wounded.

M-79 Blooper
  • Activated same as rifle grenade.
  • Close range 7-36. Effective range 36"+.
  • Fires with 2 dice.  
  • Roll for hits as though target is in the open unless target has overhead cover.

  • May only be used when an individual man is commanded by a Leader using a Command Initiative.
  • Can target armour, infantry or bunkers.
  • AP: 8. HE: 3         
  • Range 4-24", Range bands of 12" (from 0)

90mm Recoilless Rifle
  • AP: 14 HE: 4
  • Can only be used when the ANZACs are defenders and can take entrenchments. (Base Defense)

106mm Recoilless Rifle
  • AP: 16  HE: 5
  • Can only be used when the ANZACs are defenders and can take entrenchments. (Base Defense)

  • Armour: 2, 50cal M2HB MG Flexible on cupola mount, Fast, Capacity: 13

M113 Cadillac Gage T50 machine gun turret
  • Armour: 2, T-50 turret mounting twin .30 Browning machine guns, Fast.
  • Counts as mounted MMG firing at 1.5 times effect.

M113 FSV
  • Armour:2 AP:4 HE:5, gun turret, Co-Ax MG, Fast.

 Centurion MK5
  • Armour:8 AP:11 HE:7, Co-Ax MG, Average


Silent Patrolling
When deploying from Jump off Points, regular troops deploy within 9” and elite troops within 12”.
Enemy forces attempting to Ambush an ANZAC force must deploy further than 10” from any ANZAC infantry unit.

Five Rounds Rapid
When a Leader is attached to a rifle Team and uses two or more Command Initiatives to activate that Team, he may add that many D6 to the Team’s firing dice to reflect his controlling their rapid fire.

Offensive Support
Once per game a player may use a Chain of Command Dice to call in offensive support.  This represents artillery, Gunship or Air support being called in.
Offensive Support is designed to disrupt the enemy during an attack or to break up an enemies reserves.
Offensive Support will not kill any of your enemy, but it can reflect the disorder it causes in his ranks by disrupting his ability to deploy reserves onto the table.
A Chain of Command dice may be played at the end of a turn in order to have the following effect during the next turn only:
Units and Leaders must roll to deploy onto the table as though no Senior Leader is present with their force. Section 4.3, Deploying onto the Table. This lasts only for the following turn of the game, after that it has no continuing effect.

NB: This is effectively an in game barrage.  It presents an excellent opportunity to deploy your other toys on the table as we mark this by placing an Attack Helicopter or Aircraft near opponents table edge.

Regulars: +3

Command Dice: 5

Rifle Platoon HQ
1 x Lt, Senior Leader with Owen SMG
1 x Platoon Sergeant, Senior Leader with L1A1 SLR

Three sections each of
1 x Corporal, Junior Leader with Owen SMG

Scout group
1 x Scout with Owen SMG
1 x Scout with L1A1 SLR

Gun Group
1 x Lance Corporal, Team Leader L1A1 SLR
1 x GPMG M-60 with 2 Crew

Rifle Group
1 x Rifleman with L1A1 SLR and M-79
3 x Rifleman with L1A1 SLR

From 1967 replace any Owen SMGs with M16A1 assault rifles.

ANZAC Support List
Figures in brackets denote max allowed

List 1
Stretcher Bearer (Treated as Medical Orderly) (1)
Engineer Mine Clearance Team, 4 men (2)
Engineer Wire Cutting Team, 4 men (2)
Engineer Demolition Team, 4 men (2)
Minefield (3)
OC (Adjutant) (1)
Barbed Wire (2)
Jeep, no crew
Entrenchments for one Team
LAW (6)

List 2
Roadblock (1)
Pre-Game Barrage (1)
CoC dice (1)

List 3

MMG (M60) on tripod mount, 3 crew, base defense* (1)
Pioneer Flamethrower Team, 4 men (1)*

List 4
Engineer Section (2 teams) with Junior Leader (1)
Forward Observer and 81mm mortar section (1)

List 5
ANZAC Regular Squad with Junior Leader (1)

List 6
M113 Cadillac Gage T50 machine gun turret with Junior leader. (From 1967)
M113 FSV with Junior leader. (From 1970)

List 8
90mm Recoilless Rifle with 3 crew, base defense*

List 9
106mm M40 Recoilless Rifle Team with 4 crew, base defense*
Centurion MK5 with Junior Leader

The following can only be selected in scenarios where the enemy may take entrenchments or static defences and the ANZACs are the attackers.
*Pioneer Flamethrower Team, 4 men*

Base Defence
Can only be used when the ANZACs are defenders and can take entrenchments. 


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