Wednesday 31 August 2016

It's a Jungle out there

Adding more Trees to the collection.

With the intent on beefing up my Jungle terrain I decided to set about adding some more trees to my collection.

The trees were purchased in bulk from a discount model tree dealer on EBay from China.

Bases were made from MDF coasters.  Covered with sand and painted.

Holes were drilled into the bases and trees glued in place.

I had a bunch of left over Palm trees and ferns from a previous project that I decided to put to good use.  The foliage was sprayed lightly with green paint then dusted with yellow spray paint.

They were then cut from the trunks to use as plants to be fixed to the tree bases.

The Trees were sprayed with spray glue then Woodland Scenics Blended Turf T49 was sprinkled on to give a fuller and more uniform look to the trees.

 This also toned down some of the more garish green areas of the trees.

The Palm and Fern tree foliage was then glued with a hot glue gun to the bases.

I also covered other bush terrain areas I had with the Blended Turf which can be seen on the right of picture.

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