Thursday 10 October 2019

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Optional Rules for Chain of Command - DMZ  Part One

The following are some additional rules for those wanting to add some extra flavour to their NAM games.

Support option for Free World Forces.

Claymores can be taken as an additional support option upgrade to a Free World Force when an Entrenchment or the Ambush support option is taken at a cost of 2 points per claymore.

If taken as an Ambush upgrade then a maximum of 2 claymores can be taken.

If taken as an Entrenchment upgrade then 1 claymore per Entrenchment up to a maximum of 2 claymores total can be taken.

When Used as part of an Ambush:
  • The claymore does not required a separate activation and is fired first.
  • Deploy with a 90 degree arc aimed the same as overwatch from the unit activating.
When deployed as part of an entrenchment:
  • Deploy with a 90 degree arc aimed the same as overwatch from the unit activating when the entrenchment is deployed.
  • Claymore is fired by using 1 leader initiative or by a chain of command dice interruption.

Firepower 4d6 per target team or 8d6 per target squad for squads without teams.

Weapon effect as follows measuring from the attacking players unit to the closest part of the target unit:
  • 0 to 4 inches - Safety Zone (BBA). No effect.
  • 4+ to 8 inches - Target auto hit roll for effect. 
  • 8+ to 12 inches - 4+ to hit.
  • 12+ to 16" - 5+ to hit. 
All hit effects subject to terrain cover.
Shock results are doubled and target unit is pinned temporarily until end of next phase similar to effects against Fire Support.

Booby Traps
Who is My Enemy?
VC Option - Booby Trap (Max 1)

This is played by the VC player as an interrupt against a team, squad or vehicle when it deploys (cannot be played against a unit ambushing).

The enemy rolls a d6 and on a 6 it is discovered and has no effect.

On a 1-5 the target suffers 2 hits (regardless if target is a team, squad or vehicle).

Team/Squad Effect:
  • Roll for 2 hits on the effect table counting the target as in the open. 
  • All shock is doubled. 
  • The target unit is pinned temporarily until end of next phase.
Vehicle Effect:
  • Roll armour save dice and compare number of saves rolled against 2 hits.

Kit Carson Scouts
Can be taken as a Support List 2 option by a US Marine Corp force from 1966 or a US Army force from 1967.

A player choosing this option must choose a squad (fire team) to attach the Kit Carson scout to before deployment.

A Kit Carson scout is represented as its own figure armed the same as a rifleman and counts towards the unit size of the team it is attached to.

  • A Kit Carson Scout allows a player to deploy the unit it is attached to an additional 6” further from a Jump-Off point.
  • Enemy forces attempting to Ambush a unit with an attached Kit Carson scout must deploy further than 10” from that unit.
  • A unit with an attached Kit Carson scout receives a +2 to any roll allowed to detect a Who is My Enemy trick.

Kit Carson Scouts are Unreliable:
  • At the end of each Turn the US player must roll a D6 for the Kit Carson Scout.
  • On a roll of 2 to 6, the Kit Carson scout remains in the fight for the next turn.
  • On a roll of 1 the Kit Carson Scout disappears and is removed from play immediately. 

Chain of Command - DMZ Version 2 can be downloaded from dropbox here:

Chain of Command DMZ V2 - Second Tour

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