Monday 16 September 2019

On the Road Again

Welcome to Chain of Command - DMZ Second Tour.

The second installment of an unofficial Chain of Command supplement for the Vietnam War.

This supplement has been written with the overall intention of being used with the Chain of Command Main Rulebook.

The layout has been designed to allow for easier reference during games.

A large part of this supplement has been based on the excellent set of unpublished Chain of Command Cold War rules designed by Richard Morrill (Monty Lardo) and the Chain of Command Rule set by the Too Fat Lardies Team.

A big thank you is also extended to Michael Moore, Andrew Champion, Andrew Parkes, Len Tracey and members of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen Wargames Club who have contributed greatly to this project.

I don't profess to be an expert so any suggestions or feedback for improvements is always appreciated.

If anyone has any questions or is seeking any rules clarifications do not hesitate to contact me.

Click on the below link to download the PDF from dropbox.

Chain of Command DMZ V2 - Second Tour


  1. These look great and kudos for all the work on these.
    I'm just gathering modest NAM forces with the excellent Empress figures, so will be giving these a go, along with the CoC rules.

  2. Cheers. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Not really my period but with all these cool Nam figures coming out gotta give it a look see :)

  4. Jason, on the arsenal table some weapons i.e. pistol (1/2) and Assault rifle (1 and 1/2) have half values? What does that entail for firing purposes?

  5. Mind if I make a minor nitpick?

    You have the USMC using M-113 APCs. In Vietnam they used LVTP-5s, a much larger vehicle primarily intended to make amphibious assaults that wasn't as suited for land operations. There were maybe a handful of M-113s unofficially acquired by the USMC and used as HQ vehicles, but the overwhelming majority of the USMC grunts who got rides traveled in LVTP-5s.

  6. Can you tell me why the NVA and VC don't appear in the OOBs with fire teams in the squads?

  7. Hello, is there another link for your Vietnam adaptation, as the link above no longer works?