Saturday 20 January 2018

I don't need no Doctor

Vietnam War Free World Casualties During Firefights

A lot of Vietnam War wargames tend to place a huge focus on casualty extractions and dust offs.

Unfortunately the battlefield does not stop still with time outs to deal with casualties.

I have not added casualty extraction and dust offs to the DMZ supplement as Chain of Commands shock and casualty mechanism better reflects the effect during a firefight which is the time span covered by the rules.  Additional rules covering this can certainly be added to a campaign.

What has been added however is the following additional Free World Forces rules for Medics.
A medic may use his activation to remove one point of shock from a unit that he joined.
To do the this, the Medic must join the unit and spend one activated Phase assisting them.
NB: This is in addition to the Medical orderly rules from the main book .

RAND Corporation Reports
The below extracts from RAND corporation interviews provide some excellent insights and dispel several myths about casualties suffered during fire fights in Vietnam.

The full reports can be found here

Click on Download eBook for Free to see each report.

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  1. This is an awesome document Jason !

  2. I think that's a sensible addition to the Medic rules. I was reading elsewhere that just 20-25% casualties typically rendered a unit temporarily combat ineffective in the advance; for many of the same reasons outlined in the above report.

    Based on what the interviewee said, at 50% all your un-wounded guys would be either carrying guys out of the line, or trying to make their way back from having done so.

    Thanks for sharing all this.