Sunday 31 July 2016

Collection of Vietnam War resources

An excellent collection of resources for the Vietnam War from the old Grunts online archive can be downloaded from this site:

Saturday 30 July 2016

Chain of Command Vietnam - CoC DMZ Assault Rifles

The proposed weapon tables and effects for Chain of Command Cold War have been totally re-worked in order to bring about a more realistic effect in relation to automatic weapons and their suppressing effects.  This also allows for a more manageable amount of dice to be rolled instead of bucket fulls of dice that Chain of Command produces when assault rifles are involved which also tends to lead to units being wiped out a lot more easier instead of suppressed.

Having play tested the new Cold War weapons stats and effects I can tell you that they work extremely well and produce the desired results of reduced kills but increased suppression.

Until they are released in the meantime those looking for a quick adjustment to make things more workable the following suggestions can be tried within the scope of the current rules.


Replace the Assault Rifle stats with:

Assault Rifle
FIREPOWER  2/1 (reduced from 3/1)
CLOSE 0‐12”  (Reduced from 0-18)
NOTES Firepower is range dependent.

NB:  The close combat factors remain unchanged.

For those who like to throw bag fulls of dice the following suggestion may be up your alley.


Rate of Fire for the Assault Rifle remains the same as the Chain of Command main rule book however at close range the to hit factor is treated as the same factor as effective range (ie 5+ to hit regulars at effective range is the same whether at close or effective range) with 1 extra dice total being rolled when at close range for the unit firing.  This is designed to reflect the reduced accuracy of firing on full auto.

Once again the close combat factors remain unchanged.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Attempting a new method to model long grass (part 2)

Around two thirds of the long grass bases done and in the process of drying.

Fairly happy with the results so far.

Another dozen or so to go.

Inspirational Terrain

Superb hand made terrain courtesy of Morten Reese.

Vietnam War Slang

If your going to walk the walk you need to talk the talk.

Vietnam War Slang Glossary

Fields of Fire Reloaded - NAM Wargaming forum

For those who haven't seen it, check it out.


Hankering for the sounds of the 60s or just want some NAM mood music for your painting and gaming then Radio Vietnam is the website for you.

Happy listening.

Attempting a new method to model long grass

Work in progress of a new method I am trying to model long grass.

First step was the purchase of cheap shaving brushes (about AUD$1.00 each)

Second step was to dip the brushes in watered down green paint.

Bases have been painted with the next step being the cutting of the brushes and gluing to the bases.

Chain of Command - NAM game action

Some recent actions shots of a Chain of Command - NAM game in progress.

U.S Marines vs NVA

The Table Layout

NVA flanking action towards the Village

NVA approach through the long grass.

28mm Vietnam War miniatures




VC (Local and Main Force)

RAND Reports

Some excellent reports from the RAND corporation featuring first hand interviews with USMC soldiers serving in Vietnam.  The interviews at the end of these reports provide some excellent insights and dispel several myths about the War in Vietnam.

Click on Download eBook for Free to see each report.

Tactical Operations in the Jungle

The following link to the Tactical Operations field manual is to a great resource for wargamers dealing with the unique terrain aspects of Vietnam wargaming.  

Chain of Command Vietnam - CoC DMZ


Chain of Command Vietnam War playtests.

We are currently involved in play testing of Chain of Command Cold War supplements in the Vietnam war environment.

This testing is to try aspects of NAM gaming against a Draft Cold War supplement and is currently in an experimental stage.

I will keep you all posted with ongoing updates and discussions regarding our experiences.