Friday 2 March 2018

Where have all the flowers gone?

Creating bombed out wooded terrain for NAM

I was looking at trying to create terrain on my table to represent bombed out or burnt wooded areas something similar to the areas around Dak To.

The following is a short pictorial on the process I took.

Cheap tree armatures from E-bay

I stripped the majority of smaller branches from the trees.
Bases were made from MDF coasters.

The trees were painted with a grey/brown mix and the base stems trimmed.

Trees were glued to base with some branches place around trees.

Dry coloured flocking added to the bases.

Finished trees with added grass tufts.

Aerial view

Finished trees on the table.


  1. Nice work and addition to your jungle terrain.
    cheers John

  2. Nice work. I may steal this for a WW1 thing I’m slowly working on.

  3. Very nice, they'd look great alongside some craters.

  4. good result ! will use this !

  5. Nice! Would also work for WW1